Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clean up

Well the weather needs to cooperate. It has rained almost since I returned from Wisconsin. The bike smells bad as the fuel has turned to varnish.  I am unwilling to bring it in the garage as the garage is right below the loft / family room.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

CXFE beginnings

The work begins in earnest this winter.  For now I have too many chores around the place. Worth the trip?  Who knows.  I was told it didn't run... no key.  Way more than that.  I can smell old fuel and the fuel lines are all pulled loose.  Fuel dripped out all the way back to Montana.

I think this might work out.  I am hoping on completing the build for under $2500. Time will tell.

I plan a similar build to this one

It seems to be the benchmark.  Well done!


Actual Cowboy saddle possibly springer seat
Clipon style drop bars - I ordered Clubmans with mirrors
Brown leather grips
Dynaglide or Sportster stock mufflers
Front and rear fenders chopped
Larger front tire
Side covers replaced with gold wire grill - battery to be relocated
Tank and frame powder coated dark metallic green
Wheels, fenders, forks, headlight and headlight brackets powder coated satin black
Yellow Headlight bucket relocated lower to in front of the horn
Bar end mirrors with turn indicators integrated
4 LED's instead of the instruments - GPS Garmin Edge 705 bicycle speedo for legal
Tachometer faceplate removed for bare bones look
Tan DEI exhaust wrap with black plated hose clamps
Entire bike lowered
Carbs rebuilt and upjetted 90/120 - I have a new set of 34mm Munikis from Murry F.
Drilled brake discs... maybe a dual disk  front end - I have a brand new sigle disk... what to do?
Reciever Module at rear of seat frame to accept different tailights, cargo and or rear seat modules