Monday, December 30, 2013

Down in front

Pulled the instrument cluster and am getting ready to do the new handlebar mock up... Also, dissasembled the tach and removed the face plate... My idea of installing a bicycle speedo under the glass of the tach may just work... without the faceplate and the instrument illumination the bike speedo may fit.  Honda does not expect these to be worked on... I had to cut the faceplate ring off to get it apart.  I hope I can put it back together.

The fuel tank is still full of vinegar

and now an inspiration video... I want to do a small cafe fairing like this

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Update - the CX500 Deluxe tank holds just a tiny bit short of 4 gallons... of Vinegar currently.... it's cooking as we speak. I've been convinced to attempt to clean it.  (Mostly by the cost of replacing it) - I'll be running 2 filters!  This thing is cruddy.

 Update to the update - the White vinegar works pretty well but I went and got 4 more gallons of Apple Vinegar.  I read that it's PH is double of what White Vinegar is.  I'll let it soak for 4 or 5 days this time... that ought to do the trick.  I also rigged up a drain auger with a brush on the end... I'll chuck that up in my drill and away the rust will go  (I hope)

Inspirational photo above swiped off the internet

Saturday, December 28, 2013


It run's!!!!! albeit briefly... with a small fuel supply.... actually I should say I'm certain it will run

I changed to oil and oil filter.  The old oil looked great.

A bit of a snag...

The fuel tank, although it looks very nice on the exterior, looks, on the interior, as if it were part of the Titantic (in it's current condition)

Too many comma's?

Seriously, the idea of cleaning this thing is not an option. I need to source another CX500 Deluxe fuel tank

Also, QUESTION - what petcock (and source) are we using when converting to a manual petcock?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Starter issues / Da Bears

Bears 11 Philly 54

Da Bears need to change starters.  I didn't think much of Jay Cutler when he was at Denver but the problem is defense... very unBearlike

Don't know if I get to the CXFE starter issues tonight.  Da Bears are playing
I will post this interesting photo with the use of a CX500 engine... very Morganesque

Update:  Having done this kind of projects before I knew that if I didn't address the issue tonight that I might not sleep as well.  Insomnia is bad enough without the mind racing.

I bypassed the solinoid and applied power to the starter directly.  Starter works very well flipping the engine at a lovely pace.  I may have just discovered why the bike was donated to the Rawhide Boy's Ranch which is where I bought it. It's odd as the fuel system was all disconnected. Maybe they just did that to drain the fuel.  Tomorrow, I'll rig up a temp fuel tank and see if it'll start.  I need to change the oil first.  I didn't want to screw with that tonight.

I didn't last long in the garage... it's late, it's below zero outside and a tiny bit cool in the garage. I apologize to my new car. She's outside.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

1 step forward 2 steps back

Today was check the valves and oil the upper valve train in anticipation of seeing the engine turn over via the starter.  After that I had to tear into the headlight area to replace the ignition switch. I didn't have a key.  Pulled the valve covers and everything looked spotless.  The clearances look reasonable so I applied a liberal amount of oil up top.  It  wasn't as dry as I anticipated.

 The fan came right off with the 14mmX1.5 pitch puller bolt... the fan looks pristine.
I'm still going to try to find Will's ST1100 electric fan and see if it will work regardless.
As you can see the mice did chew the wire a bit.

 The carbs installed
The new used ignition switch

So as to not suck a bunch of crap into the engine I installed the new carbs and filters. Turns out to be for naught.  Hooked up the battery box and turned on the key.  Everything lit up like it should.  Hit the starter button.... aaakkk, smoke from the solinoid.  I think the starter is locked up.

Looks as if I'll have to pull the engine and complete the build at least partly before hearing the engine run.
Looking at the service manual it looks as if the starter can come out without pulling the engine

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Mice - Day 2

It's nice in the garage... plenty warm.  It's not so nice outside... currently 9F. 
Sure glad my Dad insulated the garage.  I put a register out here in the pipe than runs to the loft.  Works so well it'll melt the snow off the cars.  My poor new car is outside but if I work on the CXFE then I don't watch as much TV. I never watched that much when I was working 'cause I was never home, but I admit, I've enjoyed the football.

Pulled spark plugs and squirted some oil down in the cylinders.     
The discoloration is where the fuel ran down the engine and turned to varnish.  
The bike sat in a barn for years. It doesn't smell like it did but this is after the first two cleaning attempts. It remains to be seen how bad the fuel tank is.

 Removed the access plugs and turned the engine over with a wrench on the end of the crankshaft.

 The engine turned over freely with a wrench... 
that's a relief... 
I'm thinking I can get this thing running.

Inspection whole on the transmission... 
It's used to determine crankshaft position when adjusting the valves.... 
looks nice and clean in there... that's encouraging

 It did, however make an odd sound.  I figured leaves and stuff in the fan shroud maybe.
So, I pulled the Radiator and... Uh, huh.  Some mice had made another nest in there.

Cleaned it out but need to pull it really. 
If nothing else these fans are famous for cracking so I need to inspect  the back side
I need to make a puller... appears to be just a 12mm bolt will work?

This is the new lift... handy

This will go... we don't need no stinkin' speedometer
The indicator lights will be relocated

I may keep the tach... going to try to remove the faceplate for an industial look.
I also want the temp gauge.

Getting to be quite a pile of parts... much of this will not be put back on... the idea is too slim it down about 130lbs... add 20-30 hp and let 'er rip.

An inspirational video from down under

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frozen - I've started - Day 1

It's been bitter cold this winter and it isn't even winter yet.  I hated to park the new car outside but all I have done is fight the ice dams on the roof and watch football.  A couple of days ago I used a Super Coupon and got a new lift.  I put it together and it felt like Christmas!  I've started tearing down the bike.  Found out the Carbs were froze up... the butterflys won't budge..  I hope the engine isn't froze too.

I'll change the oil and top of the coolant then pull the plugs and squirt some oil in the cylinders.  The put the new Munukis on and rig up a fuel supply.  Hopefully it will crank over... if all goes well, I'll see if it will run and with a little luck maybe even the system will charge the battery that is currently not there.

 The new lift
 Sissy bar and tail section off
 Seat and tank off... I'll need to clean the tank

 Old carbs off
 Skid bars off