Sunday, December 22, 2013

Starter issues / Da Bears

Bears 11 Philly 54

Da Bears need to change starters.  I didn't think much of Jay Cutler when he was at Denver but the problem is defense... very unBearlike

Don't know if I get to the CXFE starter issues tonight.  Da Bears are playing
I will post this interesting photo with the use of a CX500 engine... very Morganesque

Update:  Having done this kind of projects before I knew that if I didn't address the issue tonight that I might not sleep as well.  Insomnia is bad enough without the mind racing.

I bypassed the solinoid and applied power to the starter directly.  Starter works very well flipping the engine at a lovely pace.  I may have just discovered why the bike was donated to the Rawhide Boy's Ranch which is where I bought it. It's odd as the fuel system was all disconnected. Maybe they just did that to drain the fuel.  Tomorrow, I'll rig up a temp fuel tank and see if it'll start.  I need to change the oil first.  I didn't want to screw with that tonight.

I didn't last long in the garage... it's late, it's below zero outside and a tiny bit cool in the garage. I apologize to my new car. She's outside.

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