Saturday, December 21, 2013

1 step forward 2 steps back

Today was check the valves and oil the upper valve train in anticipation of seeing the engine turn over via the starter.  After that I had to tear into the headlight area to replace the ignition switch. I didn't have a key.  Pulled the valve covers and everything looked spotless.  The clearances look reasonable so I applied a liberal amount of oil up top.  It  wasn't as dry as I anticipated.

 The fan came right off with the 14mmX1.5 pitch puller bolt... the fan looks pristine.
I'm still going to try to find Will's ST1100 electric fan and see if it will work regardless.
As you can see the mice did chew the wire a bit.

 The carbs installed
The new used ignition switch

So as to not suck a bunch of crap into the engine I installed the new carbs and filters. Turns out to be for naught.  Hooked up the battery box and turned on the key.  Everything lit up like it should.  Hit the starter button.... aaakkk, smoke from the solinoid.  I think the starter is locked up.

Looks as if I'll have to pull the engine and complete the build at least partly before hearing the engine run.
Looking at the service manual it looks as if the starter can come out without pulling the engine


  1. The crankshaft rotates properly, correct? Can you jump the solenoid with a screwdriver and see if the starter turns?

  2. Starter switch works... ign switch replaced.... I think the starter locked up

  3. and yes, engine rotates freely with a wrench

  4. Any chance the starter could be replaced with one from an ST1100? I have one setting in a box. Let me know.

  5. I have one (ST1100).... I can rebuild this one... I am going to rebuild everything anyway... it's a matter of in which order.

  6. Starter works.. I jumpered the solinoid... so it's either the start switch or the solinoid itself