Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring has Sprung?

Cleaned the garage a bit today... Spring has sprung? I hope.

It has yet to reach 75F in Billings this year but I moved the ST1300 outside so that there would be more room to work. I have not changed the oil or prepared it to ride yet so maybe the weather will warm up.... finally?

I've stalled a bit on the CX so I have not posted for a bit.

I did some wiring but I hate to cut up the wiring harness so I need to figure out how to hide the wiring that was in the gigantic headlight.  I'm going with a much smaller and more efficient unit. I may make a leather pouch/handlebar bag to conceal the wires.  Wish me luck with that.

I got the new compact battery.... tiny, THEY say it'll crank a 1000cc bike... it weighs just 1.8 pounds so that is hard to believe.  It will reside where the exhaust "H" box was.
I need to separate the mufflers from the H box and the headers.  I hate to use the air chisel but it may come to that as I cannot pull them apart.