Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rear end work... tailghts and turn signals

 While searching the internet for ideas i ran across this example of a CX with no  tailight or rear turn signals... it took me hours to notice

 Turn signals are mounted... now on to the rear tailight
Turn signals no not flash... to be expected as all the bulbs are LED... the front turn signals are in the headlight.... and there will be two more on the ends of the handlebars
I'll need a different kind of flasher
to get them to flash as there is not enough impedance now without the old style bulbs

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I was asked why the slow progress particularly after my lack of understanding of why these builds take so long. I ride in the summer work in the garage in the winter

Ride photos

Progress on the headlight

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Sorting out wiring after sorting out the Garage enough to get to the CX

Headlight and handlebar clip on mounts have be a nightmare to sort...
Tool run and parts run... hate to Jury rig but might have to, three different thickness on the fork tubes doesn't help.

Found some clamps on Ebay... they are in Hong Kong of course...
I will use some Insulated Electrical clamps until the new ones arrive

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wrong way Corrigan

Adddressing the misfiring left cyl. Adjusted the valves (only one left exhaust valve was a teeny bit tight)

Trimmed the spark pug wire to insure good connection
 Started the engine... same vile behaviour (see videos in previous post)
 Removed the left carburetor to insure all the boots and "O" rings were Dandy and Sorted (for my UK buddies)

I still think this is electrical

I have now sidetracked myself.
While the carb was off I thought I would look into the coolant leak at the water pump housing that I had mistakenly thought was a mechanical seal.
Maybe I'm a bit jumpy after having just repaired the one on my ST1300, eh?
I figured it was a Hondabond seal but it's a shaped "O" ring

Going to order intake "O"rings and the Waterpump "O"ring

The mystery of the misfire in the left cyl. will have to wait... Tiny cheap parts holding up this parade.

I'm going the wrong way

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Never too Grounded

 The exhaust is louder than I wanted and I admit I like it... put your headphones on

Link to FB video

 Flat black fireplace paint... should I go gloss?
 Never too many grounds right?... everything works so far.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

OK Copper

I am going to try to do some Copper plating of some fasteners and smaller parts
Some Fasteners then
The battery box and electrical shelf.

The tank can be done in Spokane

Imitation, flattery, right? (Photo below) I liked it, will try to imitate it to a point
Photo used bypermission
I'll update the post when the Copper Sulfate crystals arrive and I become the mad scientist

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's exhausting

I hate exhaust work
Fitment is complete

I changed the mufflers to a shorter pair....
The Honda brackets fit these Harley Mufflers perfect
The other pair of Harley Mufflers had baffles, these don't, but the other pair were too long and I would have had to make backets for them.
I hope it isn't too loud.  Cafe's are loud but I'm not a fan of straight pipes
These are not straight pipes but I can see through them... aakkk

Audio/ Video tomorrow, it's too late tonight to start it and it's 22F outside
I didn't want to let the heat out of the garage

Question is paint or not?
I'm leaning toward flat black with header wrap

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I installed the new Ignitec computer programmable Ignition module today

Out with the old

in with the new