Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wrong way Corrigan

Adddressing the misfiring left cyl. Adjusted the valves (only one left exhaust valve was a teeny bit tight)

Trimmed the spark pug wire to insure good connection
 Started the engine... same vile behaviour (see videos in previous post)
 Removed the left carburetor to insure all the boots and "O" rings were Dandy and Sorted (for my UK buddies)

I still think this is electrical

I have now sidetracked myself.
While the carb was off I thought I would look into the coolant leak at the water pump housing that I had mistakenly thought was a mechanical seal.
Maybe I'm a bit jumpy after having just repaired the one on my ST1300, eh?
I figured it was a Hondabond seal but it's a shaped "O" ring

Going to order intake "O"rings and the Waterpump "O"ring

The mystery of the misfire in the left cyl. will have to wait... Tiny cheap parts holding up this parade.

I'm going the wrong way

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