Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frozen - I've started - Day 1

It's been bitter cold this winter and it isn't even winter yet.  I hated to park the new car outside but all I have done is fight the ice dams on the roof and watch football.  A couple of days ago I used a Super Coupon and got a new lift.  I put it together and it felt like Christmas!  I've started tearing down the bike.  Found out the Carbs were froze up... the butterflys won't budge..  I hope the engine isn't froze too.

I'll change the oil and top of the coolant then pull the plugs and squirt some oil in the cylinders.  The put the new Munukis on and rig up a fuel supply.  Hopefully it will crank over... if all goes well, I'll see if it will run and with a little luck maybe even the system will charge the battery that is currently not there.

 The new lift
 Sissy bar and tail section off
 Seat and tank off... I'll need to clean the tank

 Old carbs off
 Skid bars off

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