Sunday, December 29, 2013


Update - the CX500 Deluxe tank holds just a tiny bit short of 4 gallons... of Vinegar currently.... it's cooking as we speak. I've been convinced to attempt to clean it.  (Mostly by the cost of replacing it) - I'll be running 2 filters!  This thing is cruddy.

 Update to the update - the White vinegar works pretty well but I went and got 4 more gallons of Apple Vinegar.  I read that it's PH is double of what White Vinegar is.  I'll let it soak for 4 or 5 days this time... that ought to do the trick.  I also rigged up a drain auger with a brush on the end... I'll chuck that up in my drill and away the rust will go  (I hope)

Inspirational photo above swiped off the internet


  1. It'll work, Michael. Many such tanks have been saved. I trust your diligence.

  2. I've been encouraged by others that it's salvageable