Sunday, February 23, 2014

that's a Shock

It's snowing again... no, that's not a shock

Thankfully, I have a heated garage

These Ebay shocks were supposed to fit a CX 500

They are shorter than stock, which is fine, I wanted the bike lower anyway... the eyelets weren't the same size and they were not as wide as the originals.  So, a bit of manipulation was in order. But they are on.

I like 'em, remains to be seen how well they will work.


  1. They look good. Adjustable? I've seen other false-fit ads on E-Bay. My fave was the st1300 brake pads advertised to fit ST1100 standard.

    Happy to see it coming together.

    1. Yes, adjustable with included wrench and there are Schrader valves to add Nitrogen. I still need to shim the tops a bit... need a couple of bigger washers than anything I have in spares.

  2. I lifted the engine out to put the jack in place getting ready to install the engine... could not pick the engine up high enough to get it on the jack... it only weighs 130lb but it's clumsy... waiting for a buddy to get here