Monday, June 30, 2014

Fork Yes

I think one of the reasons I stalled with the build is

I have been Jonesing for a new front end off a Honda CB600RR but they are way expensive

CX brakes are marginal at best and this bike will be waaay faster than stock

But there is a solution thanks to a Kiwi and the Internet

Steve F. used the setup off a Hyosung GT250.... on his CX500 Cafe!

Cheap but not a plug and play setup, I'll need to make a spacer... no worries.

I found and entire front end off a Hyosung GT250 stateside

A pic of Steve's completed racer... and I'm digging the fairing too... 
Copy is the best form of flattery, right?

Go See the rest of the build CLICK HERE

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