Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting blasted tomorrow

The frame went to be  powder coated today. I conned the guy into doing a few smaller pieces too.

So frame, (3)engine hangers, center stand, side stand, shift arm, rear brake lever, and I'll take the valve covers by tomorrow.



 Some masking for the media blast

 Starting the engine cleanup.  Nothing cut the discoloration short of carb cleaner and it takes the paint off a bit.  Wondering what kind of paint to use for the engine color

 I am hoping to use Will England's ST1100 electric fan. I'll need to cut the end of the camshaft off to do that conversion.  That scares me a bit.

 This is the old engine driven fan.  They are famous for cracking (this one is in good shape) It also robs horsepower and cost fuel mileage. Of course, my bigger carbs will add horsepower and rob mileage.

 Before the cleanup began


 Valve covers will go to be powder coated tomorrow too.

 Picture of the plumbing

 I removed the little rear cover and wire brushed it.  It'll be painted gloss black like the frame and other pieces too.


Inspiration photo of the day. I wonder what kind of engine paint this guy used. Looks like he put in some major time on the rag wheel polishing. If mine ends up looking this good I'll be thrilled.



  1. Looking good, Mike. Lots of work.

  2. Should be no problem to cut off the end of the cam once it's out'a the engine block. :D

  3. Nope... they do it with it in the engine