Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not just hosing around now

Didn't accomplish a whole lot today.  Did some plumbing on the engine.  I'm going for a bit of Steampunk look. Replacing most of the rubber hoses with brass fittings and copper pipe. I found a copper furnace manifold that I am thinking of using as a simple light panel.  It has 4 outlets that could serve a mounting points for 4 led's.  The 2 turn signals, oil light, neutral and high beam light.

Also played around with the tachometer.  Earlier I had removed the face plate so that I could add a Datel Voltmeter.  This could work but I am still deciding if I'll use it.  The tach has a temperature gauge in it which is the primary reason to keep it.  A sanitary look is what I'm after. I may just run an aftermarket temp gauge only. Anyway here is a photo of the tach with the Voltmeter inside.  I had planned to put the idiot light inside for oil pressure and neutral light.  What do you think?  Comments please.

As for Speedometer, I'l just use my GPS or my Phone on a single ram ball mount.


  1. I like the idea for the tach. You're making quick progress!

  2. It's going faster than I thought, Thanks Jason