Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking at her rear end

Good progress today.  The frame is nearly ready to go to the powder coater.

I am missing the big Allen wrench I need to remove the swingarm.
What size is it?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I put the front end back on in preparation for pulling the rear end.

I talked to the Powder coater.  
He says don't clean up the frame or swing arm.. he will sandblast everything anyway.  
Saves me a lot of work.

Mostly worked on the fuel tank... hours and hours to clean it up.  I'm sore.
I have cleaned, strained and now have 3 CLEAN gallons of Vinegar and 5 dirty gallons
Ready for go round #3

 What an eyesore the butt ugly seat is
 Mock up the tailights... bracket need bending.. at some point I need to shorten the tail end.

  I started tearing down the rear end... What size is the Allen on the swing arm... I don't have one that size I don't think

 Pretty good pile of parts... most of this will not go back on... 
some guys reduce the weight by 130 pounds


  1. My guess for the allen wrench is 17mm, same as a VW bug oil sump plug.

  2. turns out it's a 10mm... can't believe I don't have one

  3. Turns out I did... now I have two - ;)