Monday, January 13, 2014

Headed in the other direction

I'd say I've turned a corner and am headed in the right direction with the build.

I have started cleanup in preparation for paint.  Wire brush and rag wheel on the grinder....

The frame, swing arm, centerstand and side stand may actually make it to the powder coat soon.
They will media blast those, so I'll just wire brush 'em and mask a bit over the swing arm pivots.

I was told the pictures are hard to see with the garage clutter in the background. So I hung a backdrop.  Better?


I didn't worry about it during the disassembly but the object of this blog is so folks over at the CX500 forum can follow along the construct.

I'll take the frame, swingarm, centerstand and sidestand to the powder coater tomorrow... we will chat.

In the meantime... the inspirational photo of the day... whose is this?


  1. Saw a pic of Cafe'ed Virago the other day, it looked better than it ever did as a Virago. All these CX's look good too. Keep it up.

  2. Virago used a the Engine as a stressed part of the frame... the CX Engine hangs off the backbone... I think they both look waaay better Cafe'd