Friday, January 3, 2014

Hose around

A stumbling block.... how to pull the forks out with this hose in the way and how does the hose come off?  The manual says pull the forks out... makes no mention of the air hose.

I guess I'll pull the engine first and post to the CX500 forum on how to remove the hose

Tremendous progress... this was a fun day.  I found the addenum to the 81 Deluxe... it says pull the hose... took a bit of figuring but it's an "O" ring thing.  It still has air pressure in the forks so that's a good sign.


Going to pull the engine next.

(below)  Left upper Engine hanger bolts bolts

 and the right side nuts

right rear
also remove the driveshaft pin under that rubber boot

Engine is out

Turn signal Wiring 

Just a shot to remember the wiring loom goes through here

Cafe style handlebar mockup

Tonight or tomorrow I'll remove the rear swing arm 
and start cleaning for paint prep.

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