Thursday, January 16, 2014


Inspiration Bike of the day- looks to have ST1300 tank decals... I like this color... Green and brass was my plan from the get go. I'm not thrilled with the seat



I may tackle the electric fan tomorrow. I'm wondering, do I just cut the cam off with a hacksaw really?


 Clean enough to paint now. 
And the fan will work but I will have to cut the cam off.


The skateboard platforms came today and I'll be using them a a base for the CXFE seat. The seat will be a two level thing with the Dragon leatherwork on the rear seat (not really used, it'll be just for show)


I also scored some old Japanese coins on Ebay that I'll use as brass accents under the fasteners... a little old with new... stainless and old brass.

The frame is at the paint shop for powder coating.  I cleaned up some smaller parts mostly associated with water cooling. I need to build a small paint booth for painting the small parts with a rattle cans.

Cleaned up the engine some.  Still deciding just how to go about it.  I'm going to have to paint the entire engine.  It was so cruddy it would not come clean with just vinegar.  Carb cleaner works but peels the paint a bit.  How to get all the nooks an crannys clean is the question.

More cleaning.  The frame will not be back until end of next week.


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